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みなさん、こんにちは!  Today I’m going to go over some of my favorite slang, insults and curse words.

Note: You should only use the insults/curse words when defending yourself or joking with close friends. Otherwise it is very impolite and people will not want to be your friend.

I know some people might not want to learn slang and insults/curse words, but even if you dont plan on using them, it’s still good to know them. Maybe your japanese friends will use some of these words. Lets say one night your walking home from the bar late at night and some drunk guy starts insulting you. He starts to get to close for comfort and if you know the right words to use,there is a good chance you will scare him off. So let’s get started! 

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その  どやがお  やめて!
Sono doyagao yamete!
Wipe that smug look off your face.
You can use this when someone is overly cocky or bragging a lot.

Yabai- Dangerous or risky
When used as slang it could mean “good” or “bad.”
“Kore yabai yo!” Could mean “This is dangerous!” or “This is good, isn’t it.”
Can be used like “oh no” in english.

しんじ まえ
Shinjimae- go to hell

Shine- die!

しんで ください
Shinde kudasai- die please/please die

しんで も いい よ!
Shinde mo ii yo!- it would be just fine if you just died.

くそく らえ!
Kuso kurae!- Eat shit

Yariman- Slut/whore

Dasai- Unfashionable, lame, not cool
かれ は ださい。
Kare wa dasai.
He is lame.

くちき たない
kuchikitanai- negative(personality/person), talks unpleasantly, bitchy (personality)

Busu- ugly; your ugly; dog (refering to women)

Gesu- ugly (refering to men)

Busaiku- ugly (person,clothes,place etc.)

きもち わるい
Kimochi warui- bad feeling
Note: use this whenever something creeps/grosses you out. (Person,place,food etc.)

Debu- fatty

Chikushou- damn it
Note: Chikushou literally means “beast”, but used in slang as “Damn” or “Damn it”.

Kuso- shit

くそっ たれ
kusottare- shit drip

じごく  へ  いけ!
Jigoku e ike!- Go to hell!

かんがえて  みて!
Kangaete mite! – Think about it! 
Note: It sounds aggressive … for best effect point to your head when you saying it.

Kisama- you bastard/ motherfucker

Note: this a very informal way of saying “you”.

Damare- shut up/shut the fuck up

キャピ  キャピ ギャル
Kyapi Kyapi Gyaru- Bimbo/ japanese valley girl

Koshinuke- Coward

kutabare- Drop dead!

Ijiwaru- Malicious, spiteful, bitchy
その おんな は いじわる。
Sono onna wa ijiwaru.
That woman is bitchy.

iyarashii- disgusting, lewd, indecent
Iyarashii!/ Anata wa iyarashii!
Your disgusting!

yowamushi- Wimp, coward

toroi- Slow to catch on, doesn’t “get it”
あなた は とろい です ね?
Anata wa toroi desu ne?
You’re slow to catch on, aren’t you?

この やろう
kono yarou- You shit

もんく あっか?
Monku akka?- Do you have a problem?/what’s your problem?

ばか じゃない の?
Baka ja nai no?- are you stupid?/you’re not stupid, are you?
Note: baka ja nai means “not stupid”, but adding “no” at the end makes it an informal question. You should say the “no” with a rising intonation.

なに して の あほ?
Nani shite no aho?- what are you doing idiot?

なに はなして の あほ?
Nani hanashite no aho?- what are you talking about idiot?

しね めすぶた ども!
shine mesubuta domo!- Die you whore/slut!
Note: this literally means “Die you female pig!”

Please remember not to go to Japan throwing these words around. It would be very disrespectful, but feel free to use them on your american friends:-p

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ありがとう ございます!
Arigatou gozaimasu!
Thank You!